Description of technology:

Global consumption of water used in technological processes, for daily functioning of the population and drinking water continues to increase, thus increasing the need for filtering of used water or adjusting water (acquired from different sources) to meet the qualitative requirements that it will need in the next stages of its use.

Due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult for new sources of good quality water (and sometimes they are inaccessible), the demand for new water treatment plants or the modernization of already existing stations is increasing and increasing. More and more cities in the world will also face the need to build new, expand or upgrade existing wastewater treatment plants.

SE-LOP FLOW technology is designed for economical water filtration in water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants (municipal and on-site) and construction of cheaper facilities. The SE-LOP FLOW system is a modular and easy to install segment that replaces the traditionally used bottom layers of filters that occupy a significant area of the water treatment plant or wastewater treatment plant. The system simultaneously increases the efficiency of the water filtration process. The system reduces the amount of space necessery to filter the required water volume, ensures uniform operation of the filtration system, and reduces other obstacles encountered during water filtration in the treatment plants. Thanks to the SE-LOP FLOW system during filtration, there is no need to perform expensiverequired and complicated replacement of worn out components.

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